Monday, January 31, 2011


I submitted the story Darkness to an anthology a few weeks ago. Last week I got an email from the editor saying he thought there was a lot of potential in the story but, as is, it wasn't something they could use. He suggested it might work better in first person narrative form. That type of answer in itself was pretty rare. The other rejects I've received were short and to the point so I looked into a possible rewrite. I wasn't sure about it at first. I've never been really comfortable in that form and don't have a lot of experience in it.
I reread the story with that in mind and was relieved to find out that the story could be changed to first person without losing anything. As it turned out there was only one scene that a character named Fletcher wasn't in but it wouldn't be impossible to believe that he was just outside the door and caught the conversation. It was an important character set up for Trevor and Jason and I didn't want to lose it.
It made the whole story run a lot smoother and it ended up being a few hundred words shorter. I resubmitted it and hope it gets accepted,


A much better week than last week. I'm feeling more comfortable with the characters and starting to introduce more of the conflict and tension between them. Also dropping in hints that there is something going wrong and but nobody realizes just how bad things will get.
Strangely enough there is one character I haven't introduced yet. I've had several references to the station's doctor but he hasn't appeared. I keep finding excuses for him not to be involved in the daily events at the station. I know what his secrets are but they wouldn't stop him from getting involved in things here. For some reason he does not want to bee seen yet and I can't get him to show up. Whatever he's doing it better be a good excuse. I wonder what it is?

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Sent a nudge to the publisher about my books but haven't heard back yet. Finally got approved for the Nook so I'm now selling digital on both of the biggest markets. Also meeting with Susanna tomorrow to see if we can find something to use as a costume.


Was a weird week but that happens sometimes. It seemed like the brain was in neutral and I couldn't create much. I fumbled through some scenes for a few days and finally managed to get 6 pages out before Friday was over. At least it's better now that I'm giving it a sense of atmosphere and environment. Hopefully will have more to say next week.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I went to a really good website that has listings for markets today submitted three short stories for publication. I was looking for some of the darker stories. There are some that specialize in that kind of thing. Some places weren't taking submissions and one place was taking them but you had to sign up for an account to do so. One of the places had a large list of things on their submission requirements but most were just asking you used the standard format.
I sent Darkness to UnEarthed Press and Death Always Wins to Dark Recesses.
I had a light-hearted 3 wishes story that I wrote a looooong time ago. Just out of curiosity I looked at the Young Adult market and found an ezine that just made it's premiere this month. It's called Scape and it was looking for YA fantasy stories in urban and modern day settings. Sounded as good as any place to start so I zipped the story Rool Book to them.


I met with Susanna today for a bit and we are looking at putting the costume together. I showed her some of the things I was looking at on ebay and she suggested that we go to Stuff or someplace and see if they have anything inexpensive that we know will fit that I can cannibalize for the character.
I also send a nudge to the company that I talked to about buying the book range. Keeping my fingers crossed.


Had a weird week writing. I've done lots of things and introduced a good chunk of the characters and then went back and realized it was really bad. I had concentrated solely on the characters and there was really no sense of time and place on them. I had done nothing to give the read any kind of idea of the environment and they were all just thrown together. I knew I was in trouble. I ended up spending the last three days of the week completely rewriting everything I'd done in the two weeks, but it was worth it. I wrote descriptions of all of the places that the character scenes I had written for a start. Then I rearranged them. I still started with the death of a character. Luckily, that took place near the aft of the station so I rearranged the other scenes leading from back to front. I also changed the time so that everything takes place in the twenty minutes while they are waiting for a ship to dock. It really ended up much better than what I started with.
I also decided that this station needed to have a certain terminology. I know there are certain phrases we use at work that no one else would catch, as I'm sure every place does. I thought of military terminology and decided to use submarine terms. That will also help remind the reader of being in an enclosed space.
Hopefully, the writing this week will be easier.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


It occurred to me, finally, that there was no reason I should just tie the digital publishing of my book to Amazon and Kindle. I have also heard from people who say that the Nook from Barnes and Noble is better than the Kindle from Amazon so I opened up shop at B&N. It'll open another really big slice of the digital book market to my book. I had to do some serious reformatting of the books to fit the Nook's size but, according to the demo I could check out, it looks pretty good. It should be available in 48 to 72 hours.
On the adverts front I definitely have two actresses who will do the videos. I met with them on Saturday and we spent three hours talking and getting to know each other and had a really good time.
Susanna is going to be Gallif. She's got red hair and could really make the character work. I like her voice a lot and she will be great for that voice over work. She's got the build and you can believe that she could carry a sword and stand toe-to-toe with anyone in a fight.
Jessica, who is Susanna's real life sister, is also really good. I was originally thinking she could do a one spot video as Anamita, or maybe even Maura, but she was so excited and willing to take on the vids I may write a new character just for her.
When I was in Keokuk last weekend at Per's we shot some footage in the cemetery near his house. There is an area that he called the Valley of the Dead and, when you are at the base, there are graves and crypts and tombs almost 360 degrees. There is one house way on the ridge but I'd bet by spring that will be covered by the trees. I talked to them about it and am really thinking that, since they are so interested, I might be able to do a scene there.


This book started out pretty tough. I wanted to lead in with a communication from the space station it takes place on and an incoming ship. It could introduce the reader to the time and place and get things started. Simple? No. It took me two days to do three freakin paragraphs! Write, scrub, rewrite, scrub, like that part, hate that part, rewrite, etc. It sounded so good in my head but it just didn't transfer to the page very well. I finally got it in to an acceptable shape but I think it's a safe bet that it'll be changed.
After that it started to go a lot smoother. I was able to introduce a lot of characters and get some important info off really fast but when I went back and read it I thought the characters weren't enough to hook the reader. I spent a few days working on a hook then realized, because of the limited canvas, I was going to have to kill one of them off. I spent a whole month working on characters and story and the very first scene on the first page of the first chapter I was going to have to kill one of them. I went through them all carefully and decided which one was going to have to die. I decided since the character was only going to get one scene it was going to be a memorable one so I wrote him way over the top. He's a totally unlikeable character but he got one good scene before he went.