Sunday, March 27, 2011


This week started out really great then I hit a snag.
I was at the point of revealing one of the characters secret, and very dark, background. I had figured out what they had done and how to break them to finally confess. The problem was I suddenly realized that I need to explain why they had done it. Oh, crap! How did they get into the bad situation in the first place? It had just not occurred to me until the last minute and now I needed a really good back story to get them there.
Everything came to a stop and I was really stuck trying to come up with the back story for that character. I spent three days thinking of how it happened and came up with some pretty silly explanations including involvement in the assassination of a president. WTF! Spent lots of time walking around trying to come up with a good story and finally it came through Friday night. It's a bit far fetched but it really felt good writing it.
Then I started to think about the next scene and wrote down a few notes, then more, and more. Twenty minutes later I had the rest of the book planned out. With luck I'll be there in a month.
It still feels like it's really a script in disguise.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Really good week this week. One of those writing moments I really enjoy when the sky suddenly opens and ll these ideas come out. I was working on it steadily and had a few ideas but couldn't decide which way to take it first. Then all of a sudden I was writing an entire page of notes with about ten scenes on it. It really felt liked the wheels were turning again and I wrote pretty solid for a few days after wards. I flipped the order of two scenes but the the story and characters really moved forward.
I'm surprised how this is looking like a regular sized novel. Most novels are 80,000 words but I've never even come close to that length. Time Web Tremors is just under 107,000 words and that is the shortest I've done. Secrets of Starpoint Mountain tops off at about 170,000. Right now Welcome To Nowhere is about the 50,000 word range and it feels like it's about two thirds of the way done.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Had a better week than last and got things moving again. The strangest thing was that it suddenly started to feel like this story would really work better as a script than a book. Oh, no. I don't want to write scripts! I really just don't have any interest in trying to market a script but having so many characters in such a small location would work on screen.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Time Web Tremors

I've released the novel Time Web Tremors this week. The official release date was March 1st but I didn't send out any notices until the 3rd.
I'm doing this completely different from Starpoint Mountain. I'm really starting with the digital marketing of it this time so I made it available for Kindle and Nook first. I was reluctant for a long time to go with the digital versions but I can't deny their popularity. In February I sold a digital copy of the Starpoint books once a week. Much to my surprise two copies of Time Web Tremors were bought on Kindle before I even told anyone about it. In mid-February I said on FB that I was going to release a new book. That was it. I didn't say when or even give the name I just said I was getting a new one ready. It was a real boost of confidence.
I'm setting up print copies through Lulu only this time. As nice as it can be to have it available through Amazon, B&N, etc it just adds so much to the cost and I want to keep the price down. I have a few regular customers who don't have digital readers and I want to have something to offer them.
It's starting out to be a good year.


It's been quite a slow week this week. The least productive one I've had this year. Some things got changed so my writing environment is completely different now and it threw me off kilter a while. I ended up just rewriting and rewriting the same scene trying to get it to feel right. Worst part of it is I'm not sure it's right yet. I'm going to have to take a fresh look at it again.