Sunday, July 29, 2012


A couple of weeks ago I saw this in the newspaper.  I'd been having trouble deciding what project to do next when I caught the daughter's name.  It woke me up enough to get me moving again.  I'd realized that I had done several hundred pages of a novel based on that character and there certainly had to be somewhere else I could pick up her story.  I've been keeping in mind the problems I had the first time around and not letting it get out of hand.  This story is only two episodes with a half dozen characters at most.  I've also been very mindful of locations and specifically keeping it within places I know we could use or green screen if necessary.  Going to finish the script within the next week, maybe even today, then start looking for a November.


Of the 914 videos on PATV's youtube channel Secret Fortunes is the no. 17 of the most viewed shows.  I'm very proud of this and it gets better.  For 2012 it's no. 8 and for the new videos posted in 2012 it's no. 1.  YEAH!  It gets better.

I'm in the process of moving Secret Fortunes up to a bigger market.  Jerrod, from PATV pointed me to a website called PegMedia which is specifically designed to help Public Access stations share shows.  There were some requirements that Josh helped me with yesterday and I uploaded it yesterday.  Now it is in the process of being installed on their server and then I will do a massive email blast to PATV stations around the country.  The way it's set up is I can load it up to their site for free and anyone who wants to download it has to pay 99 cents.  I can also sponsor the downloads so the markets will get them for free.  I might do that but will wait until the next payday to take care of it.  Either way it's a good chance.  I'm hoping one of the things that will make it appeal to stations is it's a dramatic character piece.  I was looking at the hundreds of shows they have and there are lots of talk shows and documentaries.  Nothing bad about that, mind you, it's just that there are very few original dramas.  Will keep you updated as it moves forward.