Sunday, March 24, 2013

In the Shadows of November March 23

This video for PATV is coming together after a few months of problems.  It seems like it was cursed from the weather gods because every time I'd plan a big shooting day we'd get ice and snow.  It's spring now and I planned a shooting day for Saturday and by Saturday night it was snowing again.  Yes, the weather gods are pissed at me for something.
By my estimate we've got 60-70% done.  I did some editing on part one and we have only three scenes to shoot and I'll have that all together.  I have a copy at home to look at and take notes on because I want to get all the pick up shots I need by next Tuesday, April 2nd.  We have our last big shooting day planned, hope no ice, and I'd really like to get as much done as possible.  It's difficult to put these days together because we are all volunteers and have classes, jobs and families to take care of so I figure the less time spent on this project the better.  I'll still have lots to do with editing, etc, but I've met with someone who will take over the sound editing and that will be a big help.  
They are really great actors and I owe them a lot for investing their time and energy in to the video.  There have been a few times that I was so in to their performances I completely forgot I was behind a camera and had to give them exit lines or read other parts.  There are some moments in there that will really kick ass.
I've been very active at promoting the production as we've gone along.  Doing more proper announcements and releasing photos on Facebook.  It's kind of tricky because there are some things, some shots, that I think are really cool but might give away to much to soon.  Will have to decide when it gets closer to the finish if I'm going to post them or not.   

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Oh, my, it has been a long time.  Didn't realize it had been 7 months since I updated here.  Forcing myself to get back into the habit.