Saturday, January 14, 2017


So far the writing is going great.  It's the best I've done in years.  It's really coming out and I feel good. about it.  I've been able to pick up right where I left off.  I think doing it as dictation has helped on the editing process.  At least I am finding that Word checking spelling and grammar is coming up with a lot few problems.  The biggest thing is checking for it getting the right word.  It's really as simple as "sun" getting written out as "son."  Lots of easy things like that.

My next goal is to take care of film making.  That is another thing that has really stalled with two projects just sitting in the editing abyss and not getting done.  I don't know what it is.  It is just so hard for me to sit down and edit which used to be my favorite part of the process.

The only thing I've been working on as far as films go is promotion.  I've reworked the plans for promoting them.  

There are 3 different kinds of festivals:
1) Small, completely online and very inexpensive.  They can be absolutely free and you might get 20 views out of it.
2) Active festivals that have been running for several years.  Usually a relatively small screening, about 200-300 attendees with an entry fee of $20-$50.
3) Festivals with feedback and workshops.  These are the really big festivals that have been around for a long time.  Many will have screenings with professional guests in attendance and 500+ attendees.  Some will even have readings of winning scripts and provide feedback.  These usually run $75-$100+.

Mostly I've been hitting the 2 level.  They are good, respectful festivals and certainly nothing to ignore.  For 2017 I'm changing my focus to the 3 level festivals.  There are fewer of them, their cost is higher which also limits the number of entries, but the results can be much bigger.  Many of these are listed in the top 100 film festivals and can have a much bigger yield with professional judges that can get more attention.  I've entered the script for In the Shadows of November in to a few of them.  
In addition to that I've also narrowed the field as for location.  I'm concentrating on, when I look at the level 2 festivals, those that are a few hours drive from home, Chicago, Milwaukee, etc, so that, if picked, I may be able to actually attend.  
So far so good.     

Saturday, January 7, 2017


Here we go again.  I'm really embarrassed at just how little I wrote last year.  I've got full length novels and over 26 short stories all written out by hand.  All I need to do is get them onto paper, well, computer paper, to get them published.  Last year I did almost nothing.  It shouldn't be that hard but I didn't have the drive to do it.
I started out this year by updating all the dictation software and getting a top notch set of headphones.  Spent some time getting Nuance Dragon Speak to understand the way I talk to it can help make it easier to transcribe what I've written.  Taught it to understand Gallif, aquilus, and other words you need to know in the Land of Starpoint Mountain.

Dear Gallif,
I'm so sorry that I left your story.  Unfortunately life in my world got chaotic and wasn't able to get back into your world for a long time.  You deserved better.  This year it will happen.  The Giant Lords will put you on trial for your crimes and you will face their judgement.  You will change the world just by taking a stand.