Sunday, May 6, 2012


Last weekend I got an out of the blue email from an actress who was wondering if there were any parts available.  I told her I was looking for an actress to play Carmen, the wicked mayor, and asked her if she had ever played a villain.  She said she had played Abigail in The Crucible last year for Theater Cedar Rapids.  Now that is a villain!  Going to meet with her sometime this week and hoping she'll join up.
Two important roles I still need to cast before I can start doing some serious scheduling.  Randall, the mayor's assistant who becomes a big player, and Nathan, November's love interest.  Not sure where to look for them.  I've used up the sources I can think of.  Hoping for another out of the blue email.
Made some prop awards and diploma's for officer Barto and they are up on the November Girl facebook page.  Think I've got someplace I can use as his office.  I realized that the keyword would be functional for a police officer's office, especially after 25 nukes have left the US in chaos, so I think I solved that problem.  Have to check it out when I go to I.C. on Thursday.  Also looking at Hall Mall for a possible Mayor's office.  Her's would still have to be someplace really fancy to show her authority and power even after the attacks.  Or, at least some place I could dress up enough to look fancy.
Trying to put together something for next weekend even though Sunday is Mother's Day.  If possible would like to get enough together to shoot some scenes but, if that can't work, just a few actors for rehearsal.  Will keep everyone updated.