Sunday, November 20, 2011


It certainly has is a roller coaster writing this book. I have a writing chart on my wall and every week I mark down the number of pages I wrote. Twice so far there have been weeks that I didn't get a full page done. Four weeks I hit more than ten and one week I had twenty. I like this character and what's happening to her. It's just real life has reared it's ugly head and gotten in the way a few times. Hoping that things will calm down when winter sets in.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Amazon has started a new division called Amazon Imprints which is designed for new and self-published authors. I made a submission to them this week and now I just have to wait and, hopefully, hear from them. I gave them all the info I could think of including the kind review from Judge 35 of the Writer's Digest Self-Published Books contest. I also told them that all four books in the series were written as well as 23 short stories, a website with character sketches, and the video I've been working on. I'm hoping the fact that so much is done will really appeal to them. They know that they will be investing in a finished project and not have to worry about starting something that won't get finished.


It turned out much better than I'd expected. It is hardwired into my DNA to be early. Always. I always have to be early even for work. It used to be, with my old job, I'd just sit and read the newspaper or watch people go by. Now I go in, sit in a break area, and write. I'm getting about a page a day. Not as much as I used to but at least I'm still writing.
On Tuesday I was writing when some guy I didn't know asked me if I was working on my next novel. I said I was and he nodded and wished me luck before he left the room. Very nice.