Monday, September 26, 2011


I wrote the Starpoint Mountain books keeping in mind that they would be PG-13 rated if they were movies. Sexy characters and, on a few occasions, they do have sex but it's all off the page and it's hinted as to what they've done. In Welcome to Nowhere I changed it to a PG rating. It was much more obvious what was going on between them. For November Girl I kicked it up to an R rating. She is a very sexy, and sexually active, character.
I think part of it that everything else is being done differently. I'm taking a whole new approach to this book and it's very exciting. In the past I've done lots of back story for the characters before I start writing. This time I did nothing. I just started and that was it. Anything the reader learns about the character they learn it at the same time I do. I'm also writing it in first person. I've only done that once before and that was changing a short story from third person to first.
The biggest risk on this one, and something I've never done before, is that I have no idea where this character's story will end. Seriously! I had a basic idea how Starpoint would end but didn't know how it would get there. On Nowhere I knew exactly where it was going and how. This time, literally, I'm just making it up as I go. It may turn out to be a fantastic work. It may go no where and be crap.
It's times like this I really love writing.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


A very exciting and productive week for this project. One of my best writing weeks this year actually. Finally got a handle on this character and the world she lives in and it's really picking up speed. I'm kind of tempted to go and start over again. On the other hand I'm thinking of leaving it that way. The character was developing as she went and that makes for good storytelling.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


We spent a few hours yesterday rehearsing. I put up the set and had the general layout in place. Some of the lighting was good so that everyone could get a good idea of the room we were going to work with. It took me about 45 minutes to put the set together working by myself, could do it in half that with someone else. It looked pr
etty good. We also hooked up the microphones and one of the cameras was running when we were all together and I really got some experience at camera work. The guy I had originally lined up for the shoot is in jail, and most likely will be there for 6 months, so I recruited another. He also is a digital whiz. I had found a glacier photo to use but it had a person in it:

In five minutes he got rid of her and I had a usable background. It's really shocking that that was the same photo and the computer picked it and gave it a natural look that fast.

Also got the library and the shelf ready. Just need to find good thrones to work with.
I had three of my actresses, Suzy, Jessica and Aly, and one of my actors, Al and we worked through their scenes. We worked on the dialogue, changed a few terms that were anachronistic, and got some details on the costumes. It felt really good and it's coming together. Suzy, Jessica and Aly really hit it off and the harder, more dramatic scenes got worked over and smoothed out. I had been worried about the space because I wrote it thinking it would be in a real, full sized tent, but the one I put together didn't have as much room. I originally thought that we were going to have to go without it but they figured out a way to make it work.
We also worked on the possibility of the fortune teller using tarot cards. We talked about having her use the cards on some of the characters but not all of them. Right now I'm undecided about that route. I like the way it looks and works and there's some use for them but it also kind of grounds it in our world. Got a few weeks to think about that.
The only problem left is casting of the WOMAN IN LOVE and the FARMER. Suzy and Jessica think a friend might do the WOMAN IN LOVE part. I'm looking around still for the FARMER. I don't want to do it but may have to. There is a big advantage to shooting all the interior stuff in one day so we don't have to remount later.


Best weeks writing since I started. It's moving along much better. I had a grip on the character early but it took me a while to develop the world she lives in and how it works.